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    So, here is the news, the Italian government has decided that is going to create a special visa for digital nomads and remote workers.

    As you may already know, we don’t trust or neither endorse any kind of regulative choice, especially if coming from governments. We don’t see it as a big perk, actually, we believe it to be a legal scam. Who wants to pay taxes there (or anywhere)?

    Many digital nomads choose this lifestyle to become free from ties like this one, and then the government comes and aims to trap you all again with this kind of regulation. Well, don’t be fooled.

    The “good” old State, once again, seems to don’t really understand the fresh mentality of the digital nomad, applying new useless complications and bureaucracy to it. Why all this urge to regulate things constantly? To make money out of it and create futile workplaces that will be paid with your taxes of course.

    There will be a time in which they will probably manage to enforce these aspects and make it much harder for us. Hopefully, that isn’t the time yet, and when it will come we will find new solutions to it and ways around.

    In the meanwhile, travel, work and be free.

    We leave you the article here, translated from Italian to English.

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    • This topic was modified 1 year, 2 months ago by Carmen PostaCarmen Posta.
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