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Time zone 

Georgia 🗺️ has GMT/UTC +4


Georgian 🇬🇪, although most locals are fluent in Russian 🇷🇺 as well. This is because Georgia was part of the Soviet Union until 1991. English is not so widely spoken unless you are in typical touristic places. Our advice will be to try to learn some basic vocabulary, at least you will be able to greet people when you enter a place!

Here you have an insight into their alphabet and some easy words and phrases that you might want to use during your visit!

Glossary of useful words


  • Gamarjoba(t) (გამარჯობა(თ)): Hello
    It actually means “victory”, so when greeting, Georgians wish each other to have a victorious day. Add a “t” at the end to make it more polite, especially when greeting older people. Chances are you will hear as well the least common version of “Hi” that comes from Arabic, salami (სალამი) and the one used for big crowds.
  • Nakhvamdis (ნახვამდის): Goodbye (Until we see each other again) / Droebit (დროებით): See you soon / Kargad (კარგად): Be well
  • Dila mshvidobisa (დილა მშვიდობისა) : Good (Peace) Morning
    Georgia, probably for its long history of wars, instead of saying “Good morning” say “Peace morning”. This applies to each greeting at every time of the day.
  • Saghamo/ mshvidobisa (საღამო/ მშვიდობისა): Good (Peace) Evening/Afternoon
  • Ghame mshvidobisa (ღამე მშვიდობისა): Good (Peace) Night
  • Rogo rakhar? (როგორა ხარ?): How are you?
  • Kargat’, shen? (კარგად, შენ?): Good, you?
  • Chemi sakhelia (ჩემი სახელია) : My name is ____
  • Sasiamovnoa sheni gatsnoba (): Nice to meet you
  • Diakh (formal, დიახ)/Ho (colloquial, ჰო) /Ki (informal, კი): Yes
  • Ara (არა): No
  • Albat (ალბათ): Maybe
  • Kho (ხო) : Ok / Kargi (კარგი): No problem
  • Madloba (მადლობა): Thank you
  • Didi madloba (დიდი მადლობა): Big thanks
  • Arapris (არაფრის): You are welcome
  • Tu Sheidzleba (თუ შეიძლება): Please
  • Ukatsravad: Excuse me
    You can use it to call a waiter, if you need people to move aside on a street, ask for help/directions, or want to call someone’s attention.
  • Bodishi (ბოდიში): I am sorry
    The right way to use this is to apologize or if you bump accidentally into someone
  • T’ualet’i sad aris (ტუალეტი სად არის): Where’s the toilet? CHECK IT OUT (there’s another version on the internet, ask a Georgian which one is the right one)
  • Inglisuri itsit? (ინგლისური იცით?): Do you speak English?
  • Kartuli ar vitsi (ქართული არ ვიცი): I don’t speak Georgian
  • Gemrielad miirtvi(t)! (გემრიელად მიირთვი(თ)!): Have a nice meal!
  • Dzalian gemrielia (ძალიან გემრიელია): Very delicious
  • Tsqali (წყალი): Water
  • Me shen miq’varkhar (მე შენ მიყვარხარ): I love you

Want to know more about the Georgian language, curiosities, and its origins? Check out THIS article we wrote.

Dialing code

☎️ +995

Currency & Payments

Georgian Lari 💱. It is depicted with the symbol  or (“L”) and you find it written as GEL. Their cents are called tetri, 100 of them make 1 lari.

Cost of living
Renting an apartment


Buying hi-tech


SIM & Phone


Electricity plugs


Coworking spaces & bars to work
National Travels



🚍 Moving around by bus is by far one of the cheapest and best options around Georgia. You can check all the information on Tbilisi Trips, although it’s in Russian you can easily translate the page with Google, and it has all the updated information about buses departing from Tbilisi.